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are money given by an institution with a contractual promise that the money will be paid back in a certain amount of time. The part of the loan that makes it secure is that the person taking out the loan, the lendee, uses something they own, usually their home or some kind of assets that do not depreciate in value, as collateral, meaning that if they default, or not pay back the loan, then the institution takes the house or piece of property as payment...more













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Five Top Tips:

1) Don't just go to your mortgage lender
You may well find that your mortgage lender will give you the best deal for secured loans. But, equally, you may find that they don't. You'll only know this if you shop around for rates and deals to compare their rates with those on offer from other lenders. Remember that other lenders really do want your business too ??? so you could get the best rates somewhere else.

2) Use The Internet first
The best rates at the moment are given online. It generally costs a lender less to sell their products over the Internet so they can reflect this saving in the rates they charge. You can also find all kinds of useful information sites on the web that will help you compare lots of loans from different lenders on one screen which can save you both time and money.

3) Keep to your budget
A lot of people find themselves in difficulties when it comes to taking out secured loans because they are often tempted to borrow more than they can actually afford to repay. It doesn't make any sense to do this so make sure you can afford to meet your monthly repayments comfortably with some leeway for months when you need some extra cash.

4) Read the small print
Some contracts have clauses in their terms and conditions that will charge you extra if you try to make an overpayment or to repay your loan early. You'd be surprised at this perhaps but there is a very real chance you'll want to do this sometime in the future. There is no need to go for a loan with these kinds of penalty clauses in it as there are loads out there that won't charge you a penny extra.

5) Think about the future
Your finances may be fine at the moment but you don't know what might happen down the line. You could, for example, lose your job or become unable to work for a while. This could put your finances under pressure and could make it hard for you to make your repayments. If you look at taking out a loan protection insurance policy at the same time then this won't be an issue as your insurer will cover your costs for you.

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